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Osceola County is in the state of Florida and was created in 1887. Osceola County has an area of 1,506 square mile area, with 1327 square miles being land and 178 square miles being water. Other than the incorporated cities of Kissimmee and Saint Cloud, there are eleven unincorporated communities in the county as well. The county seat of Kissimmee is 18 miles south of Orlando and Saint Cloud is just east of Kissimmee. 

Osceola County is named for Billy Powell, son of British traitor William Powell. Powell was born in 1804 and adopted the name “Osceola”, which means “black drink crier”, at a tribal ceremony 1920. Osceola County is considered in the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metropolitan area. At the time of the 2010 census Osceola County had a population of 268,685 residents. In 2000 the largest self-reported ancestry group in the county was Puerto Rican. Osceola County has experienced a significant influx of migrants from Puerto Rico in the 20th century who continue to the diversity and vibrancy of the area. Children in the county attend schools in the Osceola County School District. Not very many counties in the United States could boast of holding their County Fair in February, however, the average temperature in Osceola County in February is a splendid 71 degrees, perfect for a county fair. 

A new suburb is planned for Osceola County called “Destiny” and plans are for it to house up to 240,000 residents. Newly constructed condominiums and single-family homes are available in the Osceola County real estate market. New condos in Osceola County range in price from $161,999 to $175,999. The price from a new single family home starts at about $155,990 and prices can go up to as much as $1,280,178.

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