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Polk County is located almost squarely in the center of the peninsula of Florida. The largest city in the county is Lakeland, and the county seat is Barlow. Polk County is considered to be in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. At the time of the 2010 census, Polk County had a population of 602,095. Polk County has a total area of 2,011 square miles, of which one 798 square miles is land and 213 square miles is water. The average temperature in January is a near perfect 74 degrees.

The first people to inhabit the what is now Polk County were paleo Indians who lived in the area close to 12,000 years ago. They were drawn to the area as they followed big game from the north onto the peninsula. These Indians were nomadic hunter/gatherers who did not establish permanent settlements. By the time Columbus arrived in 1492, the Indians were thriving and numbered more than 250,000. The arrival of Europeans had a devastating effect on the native population who had no immunity to the diseases the Europeans brought. The entire pre-columbian population had virtually been wiped-out within a few hundred years. Those that survived joined with refugee Creek Indians from Georgia and the Carolinas to form the Seminole Indian tribe. The Spanish ruled Florida for around 250 years after Ponce de Leon arrived. After the American Revolution, the Spanish ruled briefly but in 1819 Florida became a United States territory. Statehood was gained in 1945. Polk County was created in 1861 named after former United States President James  Polk who was inaugurated one day after Florida receive statehood. The biggest industries in the area are phosphate mining agriculture and tourism. Fortune 500 company Publix, the grocery store chain, has its headquarters in Lakeland. Florida's Natural, an agricultural cooperative, is based in Polk County as well. The Detroit Tigers hold their spring training in Polk County. Children in the county attend Polk County Public Schools. Polk County is home to a private university, a state college, and a public university. Many of the cities in Polk County serve as bedroom communities for Tampa and Orlando, and much of the economy is dependent on its close proximity to these bigger cities. Winter Haven is home to the theme park Legoland Florida which was built on the site of the now closed Cypress Gardens. 

Real estate inventory in Polk County includes newly constructed condominiums and single-family homes. The price for condominiums in Polk County start at approximately $54,000 and go up to $3,750,00. Single-family homes are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. New construction single family homes in Polk County start at around $124,900 and go up in price to $12,000,000.

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